Monday, November 16, 2015

Busy Beer Weekend

So it was a pretty great weekend ranging from sour beer wort to a homebrew club meeting.

On Saturday I brewed 10 gallons of a Golden sour wort with the plan to move an existing sour beer off the cake and into a long term aging vessel. To my surprise the beer was already as sour as I would want it with a F.G. of 1.010 which is a bit high after only 2 months. So my plans were changed for me. I kegged 4 gallons of the amber sour and placed the remaining gallon into a 1 gallon glass jug for further aging to see how it will turn out.

I also dry hopped a Chinook, Cascade, Centennial, Amarillo IPA I brewed last week. 0.75 oz of each hop went into the dry hop.

On Sunday I brewed a  Weissbier after having a couple commercial examples last week I couldn't help myself.  I added 1.8 oz of fresh Clementine Orange Peel and 0.4oz of coriander seeds ground at the end of the boil. I used a Fermentis WB-06 yeast and it was happily bubbling away this morning.
Here's a shot of the color. It's going to be a pretty beer.

On Sunday night our brew club met at our new location. It turned out to be a great venue and even though I dropped an entire growler full of sour beer it was an amazing night. The original club founder ran home and grabbed his shampooer and saved us from being booted out of a great place to meet. Other than losing a nice Hill Farmstead growler and 64oz of sour beer the night was a great success. All the members brought some truly great beers like pumpkin ales, sour dunkel (?!) hefe with chamomile, cream ales, helles', maple porters and on and on.

We also made some great forward steps with the group. We starting paying dues so we can get a BJCP tasting kit and everyone can get certified. We're registering with the AHA so more people can find us and we've organized the regularity and brewing schedule of the meetings all of which should help us grow.


While my Golden was boiling on Saturday I put together a couple more pieces of the brew room, here are some photos.

The keggerator finally got a drip tray!

A $24 inset drip tray and two $1.50 brackets modified with some tin snips did the trick!!

Removed the small dry erase board and chalk board painted the freezer.

Chalk board in action.

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