Monday, March 23, 2015

Cider Making Update

This past weekend I had a few brewing related projects to make progress on. I had to do a taste testing on my split batch US-04 and US-05 yeast experiment. I also needed to keg a batch of Rye IPA and lastly move my fermented cider to a secondary to clarify.

I followed the steps I outline in the post "The Hard Cider Making Process, As I Understand it" to ferment the cider. My O.G. was 1.050 and had been fermenting for 10 days. It was done in about 6 days but I usually wait for a weekend when I have lots of time to deal with anything that might come up. Checking the F.G. as I moved the cider to the secondary I had a reading of .999 which is what I was looking for.

The English cider yeast I used was WLP775 and it flocculated out in large clumps very unlike any ale yeast I've ever used. I was left with a pretty clear cider after only a week, something I've read can take up to two months. I'm still going to allow it to sit and see if it will clarify anymore. My wife and I tasted the cider and it was pretty good the way it was, very drinkable. To me it came across as dry like a champagne but with a slightly sweet lightly apple taste. I can't wait to sweeten this cider up and put it on tap.

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