Sunday, March 1, 2015

First Water Adjusment Beer Results

Yesterday I bottled the first beer where I adjusted my brewing water. It's and Amercian IPA single hopped with Citra. Due to the low sulfate and 5x the chloride I added 10 grams of gypsum to this batch of beer. I knew this was borderline too much salt based on all the reading I've done. When I tasted the wort before fermentation I noticed a very strong salty tasty at the end. I was worried I might have to dump this batch of beer but when I bottled yesterday the salt taste was there but significantly reduced. From what I could tell before carbonation this beer has the dryness and hop pop I was going for. I've never been able to achieve that dryness in any of my previous pale beers so water adjustment is the key. Now I need to dial in the amount of gypsum and phosphoric acid to get the beer I want without that slight salt taste at the end.

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