Monday, March 23, 2015

Split Batch US-04, US-05 Tasting

I wrote about my first attempt at full water adjust in the article "Utilizing Phophoric Acid for Water pH Adjustment". I also noted that I split that batch up and used two different yeast to ferment, US-04 and US-05.

I tasted these beers this weekend and I was extremely disappointed. I expected a slightly dry, vibrant beer out of the US-05 strain that finished at 1.009. Instead I have a sour tasting beer. with no hop aroma or flavor. It's beer but it's not good. I don't know if I used too mush acid but from what I've read 55 ml in 9 gallons should not be too much and I tasted the water after adding the acid and didn't notice any off flavors. This beer did ferment very strangely, the yeast cake stayed on top of the beer for 10 days and never dropped off. The yeast in the beer flocculated but the 1.5 inches of yeast cake on top stayed. I collected this yeast thinking it was something special in a good way, now I'm thinking I just got a bad batch of US-05 that soured my beer.

The US-04 was definitely better. It had the esters I would expect from that strain. Fruity and very English tasting to me. There was no hop taste in this beer either but I had read that this yeast strain, because if flocculates so well, can take the hop flavors with it.

I bought five packets of the US-05 together of which this packet was one.  I have one of those packets left but now I'm a little worried about using it even though the other three were fine. I'm happy I only have to dump 2.5 gallons rather than 5 but it's still a sad

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