Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hard Cider Update 2 - Tasting

Since I failed to report this before I'm just writing a quick update about my first cider attempt. As luck would have it the cider turned out great. It was a little sweet and sparkling (carbonated) and a very refreshing drink.

I ended up using an entire bottle of wine conditioner in a 5 gallon batch and concentrate from 1 gallon of frozen cider. This turned out to be the perfect amount for my taste. My friends and neighbors all enjoyed it as well.

Hard cider has to be the easiest adult beverage I've made to date. If your using pasteurized cider I wouldn't even bother to let it sit as long as I did (2 months) before back sweetening and bottling. Mine was pretty clear after just a couple weeks so I think when using the store bought stuff I'll just back-sweeten and keg after fermentation. Unpasteurized may be a different story, I'll have to let you know.

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