Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Grogtag Coaster Enhancement

I've been working on building a dedicated brew room in my "garage" which is actually an old horse barn. Anyway I created a custom logo for my new "brewery" and had coasters and a metal signed made up by www.grogtag.com. The coaster are just like a bar coaster made of cardboard but maybe a little thinner. Since I bought them mainly for decoration and I don't want to be buying them all the time (especially at $10 for 4) I had the bright idea to laminate them so they would last longer. Unfortunately they were just a little too thick to fit through my laminator so I did a little searching and found you can use an iron on a lamination sheet under a pillow case to seal them. Here are some pictures of the process and results.

I realize the coasters are made from cardboard so they will absorb moisture but I'm fine with wiping them down after use. In the future I may buy a large stack of them but for now this should help keep costs down.

I used the grogtag template to test the first one so I wouldn't ruin my coasters.

I laid out 4 per sheet but I would recommend three because it forced them too close together in the middle and I had to reseal them after cutting.

Pre-Heated setup

Covering with the pillow case

Cover the entire sheet with the pillow case, this was just for show

After sealing before cutting 

A little closer view 

The final product with a beer and my 11.5x13 inch sign for good measure

A picture with the three extra's they sent, unlaminated. I'm going to use those for decoration on my kegerator.

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