Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fun with Sours

It's been awhile since I've posted anything. I was doing brewing videos for a short time but I guess they lost their allure after a short time so back to the written word.

I've brewed quite a bit since my last post but what I've done most recently is move a couple sours into long term aging vessels. I brewed 10 gallons of a Golden Sour back in October. I fermented half with ECY Bug County and the other half I poured onto about a half gallon of my last Oud Bruin type batch.

The Bug county was already quite sour and nearly crystal clear while the other was very milky/yeasty looking.

The Solara batch had a distinctive grapefruit flavor/sourness to it that was unlike the last batch from that bucket. The Bug county was a very clean sour, I didn't detect any funk.

Both batches had nice Pericles formed because I left them in the primary far too long (3 months+).

                                     ECY Bug County                                                        Oud Bruin Mix

The Bug County was already at a F.G. of 1.000 where the other was 1.006. The bug county is quite good already and I feel as though I should bottle it as is before the oxygen from the transfer turns it too acetic. That's was I did with the last Oud Bruin batch and wished I hadn't because who know what it could have become so I think this time I'll risk wasting the batch.

I added medium toast oak spirals to both batches. I found my last sour to be a little thin and 1 dimensional so I'm going to try the oak spirals, split the batches and put fruit on half of each. I'm thinking dried cherries for one and Pineapple on the other. First I'm going to brew a new batch for primaries with White Labs WLP 655 and a mix of these two for the other half plus enough to top these off.

I think after the WLP655 I'll give the Yeast Bay a try, I think I'll pick something with Brett Lambicus for some added funk/dimension.

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