Friday, July 1, 2016

NY Pils, I mean Munich Pils?, Brew day

I fucked up.

I didn't check how much malt I had on hand before I started to brew the NY Pils today and it bit me in the ass. I only had 13 pounds left in a 50 lb sack of Pilsen malt. I had Munich, Vienna, Marris Otter and Wheat on had. What to do what to do. So I tossed in 5lbs of Munich malt.

So now 25% of my grain bill is Munich in what's supposed to be a Pilsner. What kind of beer do I have now? A good fried suggested it's a Munich Helles, the problem with that is how hoppy this beer is. It's 100% cascade hops, those are going to come through so I'm thinking Helles is out.

It's darker that it should be now, more like a Maibock which may very well be the closest thing this beer will come to resemble, I'm not quite sure.

Anyways the rest of the brew day went flawlessly. I hit all my numbers and had all the rest of the ingredients so there's nothing left to do but see how this beer tastes.

Double Infusion Mash, BeerSmith did not let me down.

You can see how dark this beer is.
It started raining so I had to move things indoors.

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