Friday, August 12, 2016

Saison Comparison - Brew Day

I had some White Labs Saison yeast that was about to expire and another package I picked up at HomebrewCon 2016 in Baltimore from Lallemand's vendor table. Originally I was going to make one batch with the Whitelabs 568 and do a mild kettle sour with the Lallemand Belle Saison then add some Brett Brux in the secondary to get some funk but brew day came I realized I had Lacto and no Brett so I decided to forego the sour/funky Saison and do a comparison between these two yeasts I had on hand using the same base beer.

This is just a log of the brew day and won't be very interesting, I'll posting tasting when the beers are ready.


OG 1.048
IBU 27
Fermentation Temp 85F Ambient

Grain Bill

50% 2-Row
35% White Wheat
5% Acid Malt
5% Honey Malt
5% Victory


12 IBU Amarillo @ 60
15 IBU Amarillo @ 10


White Labs 568 Belgian Saison
Lellemand Belle Saison Dry Yeast


Both ingredients added after cooling to 180 to help avoid boiling off flavors but keep pasteurization.

8oz bitter orange peel.
1.25oz crushed corriander seed

There are no crystal or dark malts in the recipe so the acid malt is included to lower mash pH, ended up at 5.4

Brew Dog

Pre-measured hops, orange peel and coriander

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