Thursday, September 29, 2016

Blog Roll Issues

This is not a brewing related post, this will be rant about losing my blogroll for some unknown reason. I'm not sure how much others rely on their blog rolls but I love having mine. It allows me to quickly see who's blog has new content and I run down that list several times a week.

It also helps me keep track all the various blogs I like to read, about 20 of them just for brewing. I know I won't be able to recreate the entire list if blogger can't bring it back and I'm seriously riled up about that.

It's like losing the Google RSS reader and the start page all over again. I checked and I'm not the only blogger user who is suddenly missing their blogroll. It looks like they changed the name of the gadget from Blog Roll to Blog List.

I have sent feedback about this although I'm not expecting a response. If I was a more serious blogger I would consider switching hosts, as it is I'm just playing so I can spend more time thinking about my hobby.



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