Monday, October 17, 2016

Yeast Banking - First Slant

I don't think I wrote about making my slants but I created them when I was canning some extra wort for starters. I wrote about that in this post I simply used the methods taught in this blog post from Sui Generis, it's a much better resource than I could ever be on the subject.

I did have to wait three days to get this much colonization from streaking. There were a couple small colonies after two days but then boom, full slant on day three.

So the next step was to safely (working around my alcohol lamp and flaming lips) poor my sanitized mineral oil into the slant on top of my colonies to preserve them for up to 3 years! With that done I placed them in my refrigerator for safe keeping!

This process does not take much time or effort to accomplish. I may have added 10 minutes to my last brew day to collect and sterilize my wort, slants and mineral oil and to create my agar slants. I now have enough slants to keep 8 different yeast banked which will save me some real money and trips to the brew store over the next couple of years.

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