Monday, November 7, 2016

Tilt Hydrometer Formerly Brewometer Review Part 2

I wrote my first review of the Tilt about 7 weeks ago after my first brew with it. I've brewed about 6 beers since then so I think it's time to write the follow up and my final rating.

I now have 7 brews with the Tilt under my belt. I've calibrated it to the best of my ability without anymore extensive instructions than the Tilt Guide provides, which is none.

The Good

  1. It's simple. There's nothing diffult about Tilt. You sanitize it, install the app on a compatible device, copy the Google Docs sheet template, configure the app to use the template and away you go.
  2. It's clean and elegant. There's no charging ports or wires. It's a solid unit that has auto-on and auto-off. All you have to do is clean & santize then drop your carboy. You don't have to plug it in. You don't have to configure wifi on it. It's a solid smooth unit that's easy to wash.
  3. It just works. Not once have I had to reconnect it to the bluetooth device or fiddle with it because I dropped it in the Carboy and it's not showing in the app. Nope, it just works.
  4. It's relatively cheap at $120. The beerbug started at $250 or $300, it's now $200. No way I'm paying that to track a single fermenting beer. The Tilt is nearly half the price. You can buy multiples of differnt colors and track them all at the same time. Wicked!

The Bad

  1. At some point I'm going to have to change the batteries. Probably pretty soon because I brew so much. Not a huge negative but I'm sure it won't be fun.
  2. F.G. accuracy. No matter how many calibration points I enter into the Tilt i can't get it to match my glass hydrometer's F.G. The O.G. is spot on but F.G. needs correction, kind of like a refractometer but not as bad. It's usually only off by .002 SG, I can live with that.


By a fucking Tilt. Seriously, if you're considering a device that allows you to watch your beer ferment , this is the one to buy. Accurate temperature and gravity readings and ease of use sell me on this device. Not to mentions the stacking ability when you buy multiple colors. I haven't ordered my second Tilt yet but I will when there's room in the budget.

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